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Investor Relations

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Limited Partnership Unit Transfer:  In order to transfer or re-register your unit(s) of limited partnership interest, the following procedures must be followed:

To effect a transfer, the reverse side of the original certificate must be completed in full. Also, the signature of the Assignor must be medallion guaranteed by a bank or trust company satisfactory to the General Partner. After the Assignment is fully completed and signed by both Assignor and Assignee, it must be forwarded to Beaver Property Company, Limited, 106 Bay Drive, Stevensville, MD 21566. If the Assignor is not the person who is named on the face of the certificate, such as an executor, attorney in fact, trustee, etc., please also include documentation that the Assignor is authorized to sign on behalf of the assigning entity, typically an entity board resolution and/or certificate of incumbency.

Under the provisions of the Partnership Agreement, the Assignment is not effective unless and until the General Partner consents thereto, and the General Partner has the sole right to admit new limited partners. If and when such consent is given, a new Certificate of Interest will be issued to the Assignee and sent to the address of record.

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